Bad or Good?

Do you ever read stories of horrible things that Christians had to go through, and think, “God chose that for them. I don’t want Him to choose that for me.” There are times I take fearing God to the wrong place. How can I trust Him when He puts people through these horrible situations? Of course, I switched words right there, from fear to trust. And, of course, that’s the key.

We fear God because He is literally awesome. He created the heavens beyond what we even know and understand. He literally rules the universe and with a word could take away everything from all of us. Of course, He tells us constantly in His word to not fear. We are supposed to trust. But how can we? By knowing Him, knowing His character, His unchanging, never-failing, always trustworthy character. We know He is perfect and He is love. We know that in His love we have no fear of punishment. He has removed our sins from His sight.

Do you think kids can learn that consequences are God’s goodness working out in their lives? Because even what Satan himself intends for our harm, God uses for our good and for His glory. This post was inspired by the Scripture in the sister post on Life in Christ – Christ in Me.