We take a morning a week and clean. The kids each have a room to work on. They each have the job of picking up and vacuuming. I run from room to room picking and fussing over the details that no one else seems to notice. It always makes me feel accomplished. I like that feeling.

I keep a list of things that need to have someone pay attention to them. So, Saturday I hammered together a desk and dresser that were falling apart. They’ve been waiting a long time, but we finally went and bought nails. We got this furniture from Wayfair and had to put it together ourselves. Neither were right from the start. The dresser had a screw go through the wall of the dresser, so it was never secure in one corner, enabling it to push out and let the drawer just drop on that side. The desk is supposed to have a shelf, but the back would never hold up. Maybe the wall on that wasn’t all the way in there either. I don’t know, but I put in several nails. I’m not convinced my handiwork will stand the test of time.

Nine hours later and still standing

We are a very unhandy family. My husband and I both have white-collar fathers. They hire people to do home and car repairs. Neither of us saw that kind of stuff done. I like to think that I can do it, but I’ve seen the results. I had the idea of getting a clear acrylic table topper for the rough wooden table we eat at (that with a card table pulled up to it). It needs a cover, but tablecloths are so hard to clean. A cloth one has to be washed daily if it’s going to be clean and a plastic one just moves all around when you try to wipe it. I measured and bought an acrylic sheet. It was too big. I bought a tool to cut it. I followed the directions, but it didn’t do what the directions said was going to happen. I ended up taking it to a shop. We use it, but it’s taped up in a couple of places and has sharp edges. Not exactly a win. I’m definitely a function over form person, but I wish I could make things look nice!

Update: It’s Sunday and the back of my right shoulder is sore.  I’m sore from nailing two things together! The only thing I can say in my defense is that I was nailing sideways, swinging my arm out and in instead of up and down, fighting gravity. I feel like such a wimp!