Anything for Food

What’s the definition of glutton? My kids go crazy over food. Is it a boy thing? When there’s something like love, they just go crazy. We live near Philadelphia, in my parents’ home. It’s where I grew up. I point this out because we are a non-sports family. My husband maybe couldn’t even name all the Philadelphia teams. He certainly couldn’t tell you who was in last year’s Super Bowl. He could tell you who is in this year’s Super Bowl. We’re in “Eagle Country.” We dropped my daughter (my only daughter) off early back at her college in Philadelphia to avoid the crazy with the playoff game in Philly last night.


I told my kids that if the Eagle’s won we would have a Super Bowl party with root beer and soft pretzels, Philly food. They immediately started rooting for the Eagles, the twelve-year-old getting punny with root beer and rooting for the Eagles. Normally they root against the Eagles. They don’t care, and it’s fun for them to antagonize their grandfather, the only true fan in the house. He’s not a huge sports fan, but he grew up in Philly himself, and so he’s definitely a fan.

Do you bribe your kids with food? Not bribe. I wouldn’t do that. 😉 I mean, reward. I trained my oldest to sit quiet when she was little by offering her a goldfish every time the timer went off and she had stayed quiet. My youngest gets M & Ms when he does something special. Inflation.

It’s not like I can’t serve root beer and soft pretzels whether or not they win, but I didn’t tell them that. I just enjoyed having everyone root for the home team. I served special snacks to get them to watch the game. As I said, they’ll do anything for food.

P.S. I make my own soft-pretzels. I’ll teach you the secret when I make them for Super Bowl Sunday.