Getting Through the Going Through

I always want the immediate answer to prayer, the immediate healing, the immediate deliverance. We read the gospels and see Jesus healing and it happens instantly. But the thing is, some of those people had suffered for years, even decades. And that’s what it’s like. Jesus saves, moves the mountain, lifts the burden, delivers, heals, restores, just like that. In a word, in an instant, without effort, it’s just made right. But we have to do the going through to get there.

I struggle with thankfulness for the going through. I can do it some, but when it drags on, when you got your hopes up and then it seems they were dashed to pieces, as the wait gets long, it gets harder.

And then there’s watching your kids suffer through their personal hardships: physical disabilities, mental disabilities, emotional disabilities…and you can’t save them. You may try. You may try hard. But you can’t. You can treat symptoms, patch things up, distract, but the immediate, complete freedom can only come from the Lord.

Prayer and praise are our best weapons in our battles. Prayer and thanksgiving are our best tools for letting God be our Savior.

We can ask God to strengthen our prayer life, the hands are that too tired to lift to Him and the knees that are too weak to hold us up. When the days to turn months turn to years or when the battles keep coming one after the other, we need His strength to keep praying and rejoicing.

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