Settling In

After almost three years, I’m finally allowing myself to settle in. We’ve stopped looking at homes. We found one I loved, but without feeling the Lord sending us there, we can’t move. That’s not the way we live. We can’t bring ourselves just to find a home we like and live in it. We need to go on purpose, and our purposes aren’t enough to live for. So, we stay where we’ve been put. We never would have chosen to be here. I have to admit that whenever something is brought up about living/teaching/serving in another country, my heart leaps a little with hope that maybe the Lord will send us here. For us, staying is harder than going. Although, maybe deep down I actually have a fear that if I allow myself to get comfortable here, I’ll just get uprooted again. I have said many times that the Lord doesn’t let me stay comfortable. It’s His grace and not something I need to fear, and maybe that season is over. I certainly don’t know the Lord’s plans. So here are two evidences of my settling in. This past month we bought a few things from what I refer to as the “magical middle aisles of Aldi.” If you have an Aldi, you’ll know what I mean. About $250 later, I have a gazebo tent, a picnic table, a glider chair for two, and a greenhouse. But more than that, I have a symbol of my acceptance of where the Lord has placed me.

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