Others vs. Self

I feel very selfish when we’re in America. There’s so much comfort and ease in America, and I enjoy it! I click a button and things arrive at the house, for me! There’s always more: more comfort, more food, more ease, more to do, more to be had. It’s easy for people to feel like they have it hard, when they really have it so easy. I’ve seen it from other side, from a ghetto on the other side of the world, which gives me some perspective on the ease. It’s a temptation, though. I want comfort and ease. In America we see people filling churches, calling themselves blessed for all the stuff they have. It’s hard to pull yourself away and remember to die to self, each day, each moment.

God is other focused. I am too self-focused. I want God’s eyes that look to others. I want God’s heart that has compassion on others. I want God’s mind that understands others. I want God’s hand to reach out and deliver from troubles, fears, doubts, turmoil, sickness, pain, lack.

But I’m not meant to be the whole body of Christ on my own. We, together, are to be the body of Christ; we need to be united. We are the body of Christ, not I am the body of Christ. To be those all those things we have to be united. So, maybe what I want most is unity with other believers who are seeking and desiring the same.

Sister Post on Life in Christ-Christ in Me

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