Following Jesus

Sometimes it seems like the Bible doesn’t have answers to important questions. What school should I go to? What job should I take? Where should I live? I know I have fallen into the trap of desperately seeking from God an answer about which path to take. Why is it a trap? Because we are seeking a path to follow, a destination to get to, instead of seeking the One we’re supposed to follow. The things that seem so important aren’t always as important as we make them out to be. What is important is keeping your eyes on Jesus and seeking Him.

Of course, everything is more complicated with kids. We want them to make goals, plan a path to get there, work towards it. But to do it apart from looking to Jesus isn’t the way to go about it. We look to Jesus and do what He has before us until He shows us something else, leads a different way. We need to hold all the plans and goals lightly as we follow One who can move as the wind blows, or as CS Lewis puts it, “He’s not a tame lion.” He may not lead them down smooth, well-defined trails that we’re comfortable with. We need to allow our kids to follow and trust God to lead.

How are you teaching your kids to follow Jesus, to keep their eyes on Him? Do you trust God to lead them or do you have fears about where He might lead?

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2 thoughts on “Following Jesus

  1. Lee, I just love your thoughts about life and kids. I have been using 4th grade Easy Peasy for my youngest, and it has been such a blessing. School today (and this week) has been challenging with various sickness, attitudes and what-not. But this was just such a helpful thought. I’m thanking God for putting others around us who help us remember to keep following the One, not just the path we think works the best….Blessings to you today.
    PS your daughter’s painting is amazing. Also the way you’ve structured Easy Peasy is brilliant! Thanks again.


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