For My Victory

I was so encouraged reading and learning that I was like a sheep being led to the slaughter, that it was for my victory. Of course, none of us really want the trials and tribulations of “being led to the slaughter,” but any true follower of Christ wants to die to self and become like Jesus. God, in His loving way, the only way He knows, leads us to the slaughter, to the dying of self.

I had been discouraged often over recent years, feeling like I was not as full of faith as I used to be, not as godly as in my hard-core days of waking up long before the sun to do hours of quiet time. But it dawned on me that this was my victory. There are more victories to come, but God had led me to the slaughter for my good and for His glory, not for my destruction, not to harm me. I had the victory.

I probably needed pride and self-righteousness stripped away. Feeling not as “good” as before is my victory, and I don’t have to feel bad and condemn myself for it. I get to rejoice in it!

I know I’m a perfectionist and gifted at finding fault, so I have always been really conscious of trying to not demand perfection from my kids or to push them to perfection. I just need to offer the same grace to myself.

Are you hardest on yourself too?

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