Choosing Trouble

My “word” for the new year is full. It’s my heart’s desire to be full of faith, full of joy, full of life, full of love, full of hope. I certainly have hope that my son will be healed. No one wants to see their child suffer, struggle, in pain. At the same time, we know that struggle produces strength, strength of character.

I read interviews with CEOs and other wildly successful people with dyslexia. They all attributed their success to it. It pushed them to get creative, to push boundaries, to be different and carve their own path. And every single one of them said they wouldn’t wish dyslexia on anyone and wanted desperately for their children to not struggle in the same way.

In this life we will have troubles. That’s what Jesus said. So, it’s true. We can’t keep our kids from struggle. We can’t keep our kids from getting hurt. We certainly shouldn’t keep them from breaking a sweat, but it’s so easy to want to jump in and help out when things are hard.

I don’t think I do the best job of pushing my kids to do hard things. I let them choose to not try new things. I let them do half the assignment. I help finish the chore to my satisfaction. But maybe knowing that God chooses trouble for us, knowing the good that He’s bringing out of it, can help me know that letting my kids struggle through the trouble spots is a good thing, when they are surrounded and spurred on by a loving cheering section.

I say to that same teen all the time, “I know you’ll figure it out. You always do.” It’s easy not to jump in and help him because I don’t really understand what he’s working on. But maybe I need to adopt the same attitude with the others. How do you keep from jumping in? How do you encourage grit and the pushing through when it’s hard?

(image: not my kids, public domain)

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