Rejoice in All Things

Yesterday, at the end of evening family Bible time, we started taking prayer requests. I said that we should take time to thank God for everything. It came to me suddenly that we should thank God that no harm has come to Nathaniel, our son who has cerebral palsy, who’s had two brain surgeries. “Nothing shall by any means harm you.”

I said to everyone, “He hasn’t been harmed! Let’s do the dance of joy.” We jumped up and formed a circle, where we basically jump up and down while turning our circle praising and thanking God. It’s lovely chaos until one little boy knocks down another.

Nathaniel has been a struggle for my faith. How does a mother watch her limp son, drugged to sleep for surgery, thank God that no harm has come to him? When Nathaniel asked when he’ll learn to walk and you know he never will except for God intervening with a miracle, how do you thank God that he hasn’t been harmed? When his body hurts because everything is hard for him, how do you thank God that he’s been kept from harm? And I struggled. How is this God showing love? The questions, the thoughts that turn to self instead of to God.

And then it happened. I rejoiced. I knew God hadn’t harmed my son. God had a good plan. I can’t wait for the exciting next chapter.

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