Learning and Growing

One of my “God Stories” is in trusting him for the timing of our family. One day while in college, after reading about opening and closing wombs, I decided that I wouldn’t use birth control. Later on in college when I got engaged, I was relieved when my fiancé agreed with me, though less sure than I was.

We told our parents, who worried, I’m sure, about a honeymoon baby, but a year passed with no baby. We were technically struggling with infertility, but for us it was a blessing. That is until the day my husband said he didn’t think we’d have children.

I cried. No, I bawled. Then I took some time with the Lord and accepted that we could have a life focused on ministry. That was our aim, anyway. I gave it up to the Lord that it was okay if we never had children.

I don’t know if it was that month or the next, but I soon found myself pregnant. God was just helping me get to the point of really giving it over to Him. The next baby came quickly, while still nursing my first (I didn’t understand how that all worked yet), and then the realization came that we could end up with a dozen kids. That took longer for me to come to terms with, but I worked through it with the Lord and got there.

The next was our biggest gap between babies. And that’s the Lord at work, molding us, helping us little by little become like Christ, become like who we think we are until we get to that new place and look back and realize how little we knew and how much we’ve grown and changed since then.

How do we help our kids, especially our teens, know that they don’t know as much as they think they do, that they aren’t as mature as they think they are, that there is wisdom yet to be gained? The only way I know is to be humble before them, acknowledging all those lessons learned along the way, and acknowledging that you yourself are nowhere near the end of your journey in Christ.

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