Waiting is Not Always a Good Thing

I’ve been scolding myself for waiting for life to begin. We’ve been in transition, but it’s been two and a half years now. The years are falling away, while I wait instead of act. I’ve avoided getting involved too much, developing relationships too deep, taking on responsibility too important, because we might be leaving.

And I’ve lost opportunities to bless others, to be blessed by them. I’ve waited on doing projects with the kids, starting traditions, learning new things, because I keep saying we’ll do them once we have a house.

There were times I jumped at opportunities, the feeling that I should do something. There was the time we skipped Christmas and instead invited a homeless woman to dinner. She ended up staying three weeks. There was the time I felt we should go share the gospel with prostitutes. There waiting was a widow I had just recently met and delivered clothes to where she lived in the trash dump. We ended up helping her get work and a real home and stayed in contact with her when we left the country. What experiences from moments of acting on the feeling that I should do something instead of letting the moments pass!

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Others vs. Self

I feel very selfish when we’re in America. There’s so much comfort and ease in America, and I enjoy it! I click a button and things arrive at the house, for me! There’s always more: more comfort, more food, more ease, more to do, more to be had. It’s easy for people to feel like they have it hard, when they really have it so easy. I’ve seen it from other side, from a ghetto on the other side of the world, which gives me some perspective on the ease. It’s a temptation, though. I want comfort and ease. In America we see people filling churches, calling themselves blessed for all the stuff they have. It’s hard to pull yourself away and remember to die to self, each day, each moment.

God is other focused. I am too self-focused. I want God’s eyes that look to others. I want God’s heart that has compassion on others. I want God’s mind that understands others. I want God’s hand to reach out and deliver from troubles, fears, doubts, turmoil, sickness, pain, lack.

But I’m not meant to be the whole body of Christ on my own. We, together, are to be the body of Christ; we need to be united. We are the body of Christ, not I am the body of Christ. To be those all those things we have to be united. So, maybe what I want most is unity with other believers who are seeking and desiring the same.

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Bad or Good?

Do you ever read stories of horrible things that Christians had to go through, and think, “God chose that for them. I don’t want Him to choose that for me.” There are times I take fearing God to the wrong place. How can I trust Him when He puts people through these horrible situations? Of course, I switched words right there, from fear to trust. And, of course, that’s the key.

We fear God because He is literally awesome. He created the heavens beyond what we even know and understand. He literally rules the universe and with a word could take away everything from all of us. Of course, He tells us constantly in His word to not fear. We are supposed to trust. But how can we? By knowing Him, knowing His character, His unchanging, never-failing, always trustworthy character. We know He is perfect and He is love. We know that in His love we have no fear of punishment. He has removed our sins from His sight.

Do you think kids can learn that consequences are God’s goodness working out in their lives? Because even what Satan himself intends for our harm, God uses for our good and for His glory. This post was inspired by the Scripture in the sister post on Life in Christ – Christ in Me.